What should Novak Djokovic do now? 1 Aug 2023

What should Novak Djokovic do now?

Rediscovering The Joy of Tennis

Here's an interesting thing about tennis - or any sport for that matter - it's always ripe with lessons for life. Yeah, I know, sounds cliched, doesn't it? But it's true. Take Novak Djokovic, for instance. Now there's a man who has taken a hit or two in his career. Okay, in all fairness, a lot more than just a couple. Over the years, mind you, there hasn't been a ball he hasn't served or a loss he hasn't grappled with. I've watched him from my little home in Sydney, as I'm sure many of you have, late into the Australian summer nights, drenched in sweat and burning with a fiery determination. There's something remarkable about this man and his stamina. Yeah, he's changed coaches, contested controversies and battled injuries, but has he ever dropped the ball when it matters? Rarely.

Now think about that for a moment. After all the success that he's enjoyed, after the trophies and the accolades, what's next for him? It's natural for him, just as it is for any of us, to feel the weight of routine sinking in. Could it be time for him to rediscover his joy for the sport? Shake things up a bit and play for the love of the game? Sometimes, that's just what we need to do, isn't it? In tennis, as in life.

Exploring New Realms of the Game

Often, routine can become the very nemesis of progress. And for a sportsman with a career as illustrious as Djokovic's, it might be tempting to stick with the routine. After all, if it's working, why fix it? Exactly, that's a classic trap right there. One day, you're on top of the world, and the next day, bam! You're served a whole new set of challenges.

So, how does one keep the edge sharp? Now, there's a question I often find myself contemplating while watching my sons, Bryce and Landon, practice their serves in our backyard. And I have to say, Djokovic's career provides quite the learning template. There's a lot to be learned from his willingness to explore new realms of the game. To constantly strive for better, to continuously redefine the game – that's Djokovic's style.

A Lesson in Resilience

Djokovic has always been a study in resilience. I remember a game, not that long ago, where he seemed to be down and out. His serve didn't have that usual sting, and his backhand lacked the lethal accuracy. And then it happened. The next moment he's back on his feet, dusting himself off, ready to serve up another storm. Sure, he has had his fair share of losses, but every setback was only a setup for a comeback. A bit like me with my attempts at gardening, the results might not always be fruitful, but boy, every attempt is a blast!

Refining the Mental Game

In the realm of professional sports, talent can only carry you so far. Djokovic is a testament to this. It is his mental fortitude that has provided the edge in many an epic battle. However, as the new generation of talented players rises, it is essential to refine this aspect of his game. Akin to chess on steroids, the meta-gaming strategies employed in tennis need continuous refinement. A bit like my attempts to ensure Bucky, my German Shepard, doesn't dig up the backyard - you've got to stay one step ahead.

Branching Beyond Tennis

Now comes the fun part. As any tennis fan knows, our Serbian legend isn’t just all about serves and backhands. Djokovic is well known for his philanthropy off the court. His dedication to a variety of social and environmental causes has made a significant impact around the world. But what if he could use his fame to do more?

Perhaps he could leverage his influence to build awareness and appreciation for the sport in countries where it’s not as popular. There’s so many opportunities awaiting him beyond the tennis court, just like how there’s a world outside of Sydney for my boys where they can explore and thrive. Maybe now is the time for him to venture into these untapped areas and make an even larger impact.

Regardless of what Djokovic chooses to do next, I'm certain it'll be the right decision. After all, this is Novak Djokovic we're talking about. The man who is not just a better tennis player, but a better human because of tennis. Just like life in sunny Sydney, his journey continues, filled with promises and potential for greatness. Fancy a bit of that for your journey?

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